Wild about Beauty is my collection of paraben free cosmetics which was developed along side Kim Jacob for today’s modern women; with easy to use, multi-purpose, make-up essentials. We believe that not only should your make-up perform well but be skin loving. That is why our products contain nourishing and beneficial ingredients, including Winter Cherry Extract, German Chamomile and Organic Rose Water.

At the heart of WAB lies a passion for beneficial beauty with great expertise – the products and pigments speak for themselves. The brand is rooted in nature – but it’s the nature that brings us hurricanes, hot house flowers, hummingbirds, waterfalls and dragonflies, the nature that creates iridescents so beautiful it hurts to look at them, nature that’s powerful, strong, impossible to resist.

Co-developing the range alongside Kim has been a long journey but I have loved every stage- designing the packaging, choosing the colours, testing the formulas, right down to the naming of the products (after friends, family and pets)- this makeup range is most definitely a labour of love.

Millions of women use make-up everyday, I don’t believe the motivation behind this is vanity, more about the confidence you have when you feel good. When I first met Kim, shortly after having my first son Charley, I was suffering really badly from skin pigmentation. The makeup that Kim mixed and created herself alongside her ‘less is more’ approach to application made me look fresh and natural, like myself again. I wanted more people to have access to this and thought that if we could ‘bottle up’ the confidence that Kim had restored in me then we might be on to something!

It’s my hope that as career women, mothers and with joint experiences both in front of and behind the cameras, Kim and I have created a collection that is really accessible, an uncomplicated yet exciting range that celebrates natural looking beauty.

Below are some of my hero pieces from the WAB collection some named after our family and friends… Yes their is Nail Varnishes named after Jamie and Harry see if you can spot them. You can find these and many more on our website: