A Style Album is Louise’s online fashion magazine with friend and stylist Emma Thatcher, it originated from the Lou & Em blog that they started back in 2013.

“We started Lou and Em as two friends that love sharing fashion ideas and new style finds with each other. We wanted to put our ideas out there and see if others would be inspired by our finds too”. – Lou

A Style Album is curated by two friends who love to share Fashion finds, Style inspiration & Lifestyle tips with each other. Whether it be a recently dicovered Fashion label, a must try Beauty product or a newly opened Restaurant, if we love it, we’ll be sharing it.

In Summer 2018 A Style Album launched a capsule collection of hoodies. The girls designed one key silhouette in three colourways (red, ivory and khaki), all of which are embroidered with I AM on the front and LOVED on the back.

Creating a clothing line has been Lou and Em’s dream since starting their successful fashion blog in 2014, and by listening to their engaged audience the stylish duo decided now was the right time to branch into retail with a concise offering of a core item they know resonates both within their own closets and those of their followers.

“Hoodies play an integral part in our style uniform and we both love the idea of being able to have a piece that works for casual days but can also be dressed up—it perfectly complements our ethos of getting maximum wear out of your wardrobe and our effortless aesthetic,” say Lou and Em.

The I AM LOVED slogan is derived from the affirmation “I am” and translates a powerful message designed to encourage positive thinking and belief in yourself.

The collection proved popular and has now SOLD OUT. Sign up to the A Style Album mailing list for notifications on future collections.